Our Vision...

Our aim is to achieve your perfection, taking your expectations above and beyond, breaking boundaries and installing individuality and a very personal touch for each and every clients event. We will create a most dynamic and truly exciting event management experience for our clients.

Our highly experienced team combines a wealth of knowledge that covers all aspects of the event, hospitality and entertainment arenas. We offer a truly unique service for all of your event requirements. 

Our aim is to introduce new and innovative strategies allowing the business to be at the forefront of the industry. We have expanded our portfolio of services on the basis of the truly exceptional specialists within our team.

Whether you are planning to host a corporate event from 10 up to 10,000 delegates, we have the resources to accommodate such an event. If it's a brand or product launch, we are able to assist with the finer detail as well as management and event production.

We offer a bespoke and a very personal service to our clients planning private social events and our event stylists are at hand not only for the obvious requests, but also, if necessary, the intimate touches such as personal styling.



Our Team

Our Team








Pleasure to meet you...

We are for people who have yen for finding ways to make even the insignificant moments of the day beautiful and sumptuous.

To us, it’s not about Carpe Diem, but  'Make The Moment' - any moment.

We do this because we reject the mundane and the ordinary- and we detest boredom. 

We do this because we know its actually quite simple - a little imagination and a desire for wonder can turn the ordinary into something special. 

We know we can do this because we're people of the world, curious and savvy. 



The collaboration with C.S.A is an exciting and most rewarding partnership. We are two organisations united by enthusiasm, innovation and an openness to combine ideas enhancing an ability to produce superb events across the globe. C.S.A. is a global, 360° media group with divisions in communications, events and artist attainment. With Head Quarters in Cape Town and offices in Los Angeles and Dubai - and associate offices in Lagos, Paris, Mauritius, Kenya and Angola - CSA has an impressive track record in providing services to a broad base of prestigious clients in both the public and private sector.


Established in the mid-90s, C.S.A. has provided events services for a number of clients, from major public events, red carpet functions and bespoke weddings while the communications division provides world class public relations services to clients in the leisure & luxury sphere, including talent acquisition and influencer management. www.celebsa.com


C.S.A, is proud to offer these top flight services in association with Fantastique London through Fantastique LA at C.S.A.